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Various Ways That You Can Use to Prevent a Medical Misdiagnosis From Happening

As the research that was carried by the Mayo clinic around twenty percent of the American citizen suffering from the severe illness the root cause of the disease is a medical misdiagnosis. About twelve million United States citizen get medical diagnosis every year. The results of medical malpractice whereby patients are misdiagnosed are either improper treatment, death or serious injuries that you get from it. A doctor will engage in medical malpractice of medical misdiagnosis when he or she informs the patient that they are healthy while else one is sick. Also, a patient may suffer from medical malpractice when the doctor makes errors and give the wrong diagnosis or have the diagnosis delay. Another way of medical malpractice is when the doctor says you are suffering from disease A while; actually, you are suffering from disease B.

Several factors can lead to the medical malpractice of misdiagnosing and the first one is the relationship between the doctor and the patient. The relationship between the doctor and patient should not have any secrete between you need to open with your doctor and tell them all that is disturbing you. Another issues that contribute to the medical practice of misdiagnosing a patient is the amount of time set for doctor’s appointment. Ample time is needed for the patient to express how they feel to the doctor most of the doctors will interrupt their patient after some few minutes of their talk it can lead medical misdiagnosis which is a form of medical malpractice. The number of appointment that the doctor has in a day will also contribute to having medical malpractice cases where the patients are misdiagnosed. There are certain steps that you need to take and ensure that you will be affected by the medical malpractice or misdiagnosis. We will discuss some of the steps that need to be taken by the patient.

When you visit the doctor you need to clear and thorough with how you are feeling. When you have effective communication with the doctor they will get all the symptoms and will be able to make the correct analysis. The doctor needs to know all about your condition when you are talking to them give them all your sufferings. The doctor should have it a movie through what you are telling them.

One diagnosis can be wrong, but it is hard for several diagnoses to have the wrong results. So you to be sure with the medical results which come out of the misdiagnosis done you need to get more opinion from the various doctors.

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