Top 10 Free Movies Best Website

Top 10 Free Movies Best Website

During the corona pandemic or COVID-19, the thing most people missed was one of them watching the cinema. As is known, the government applies physical distancing rules to break the COVID-19 chain. And the time is now to be able to enjoy the latest films with loved ones without breaking social distancing rules. If you feel bored during the COVID-19 corona pandemic quarantine, you can watch movies online.

Watching movies through online streaming movie watching sites is the right choice while undergoing quarantine at home. By watching movies through these sites, you no longer need to come to the cinema. Moreover, you can watch it for free through a smartphone or laptop.

For the sake of catching up with the trend, many developers are presenting websites that offer HD movies that are easy for users to watch.

Accessed for free, filmmakers or television show website makers are highly sought after for film lovers.

Especially at this time, people were asked to stay and move only at home, following the massive coronavirus pandemic.

Therefore, to accompany boredom at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, here are ten of the best free movie provider sites.

Movie HD

The following best online movie watching sites provide a variety of films. The site you can access via Movie HD. Offering a variety of the latest and best film genres, quickly and easily. So you don’t feel bored anymore at home.


FilmRise site also includes a provider of legal movie streaming which is quite simple. You can also get some of the films through YouTube at no charge.


If you want to stream movies from home and abroad, especially Hollywood, then Genflix is ​​an online movie watching site that you can choose from.


Want to watch movies through a website to watch online streaming movies as much as you want without ads? You can access the official HOOQ website through hooq (dot) tv/en/. This site itself provides a complete collection of films.


Another online streaming movie site that you can choose from is Hulu. This site provides a large collection of HD quality films. It’s just that not all movies can you download and watch for free. There are some fees per month that you need to spend to access the complete film.

Internet Archive

One of the legal online movie watching sites that you can choose is the Internet Archive. Through this site, you can watch various movie collections and download them in the form of torrents.


Continue to other movie watching sites, you can use Iflix not only to watch movies but also streaming TV and various exciting entertainment programs. Iflix itself can be accessed easily using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Smart TV. You can visit the site at iflix (dot) com but if you want to be more practical just download the application through the Play Store. Various entertainment you can get there.

Movies Found Online

One more, online movie watching sites that can be accessed for free. Movies Found Online provides various film categories. Ranging from old school films, documentaries, TV Series, and much more.


It is one of the platforms to watch movies for free that you can access via popcornflix (dot) com. This site itself does not only contain movies but also popular television shows from abroad. Through the site, you can also stream and download to your heart’s content whenever you want. This site also provides the latest widescreen movies, documentaries, TV shows, and much more.


For those of you who have a hobby of watching films with a classic genre, then Retrovision is the right choice of online streaming movie watching sites. The site that you can access via displays black and white images that are very identical to old films of the 1990s. Even so, the appearance of the site is fairly user friendly or easy to use. Especially with the complete movie that you can choose and search by category. Like movies with comedy, romantic, science fiction, drama, romantic, to western.