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Myths About Scabies and Bedbugs and their Differences

You will not live comfortably in a house infested by bugs. Unfortunately, not many people can differentiate bedbugs and scabies. Other people do not know how to curb this bug problem. However, you should educate yourself on how to deal with these pests. The best place to expand your knowledge on this matter is the web. Here, you will also know how these pests affect your health. When you read the article below, you will be able to distinguish between a bedbug and scabies.

The best way to learn the difference between the two pests is to learn their names. Hemiptera is a group which usually contains bedbugs and aphids. The family of bedbugs is called Cimicidae. The Acari group contains several pets like scabies, ticks and mites. The only thing that these two creatures have in common is that they are parasitic species. You will be able to differentiate scabies and bedbugs by looking at the sizes of the two bugs. Bedbugs are bigger than scabies, and you will have a hard time seeing them due to their small size.

The feeding criteria used by both creatures is also different. Bedbugs are notorious for feeding on the naked skin of humans. Bedbugs can suck blood for ten minutes without stopping. Once the bedbugs are full, they can stay for a long time without feeding. However, scabies usually burrows in the skin and feed inside the skin. The fact that they have a microscopic size allows them to feed blood like this. scabies can lay their eggs there and live for a long time within the skin. Despite the pest, you will be left with scars on your body.

When the bedbugs bite you, you will notice these bites because they usually target the exposed skin of humans. These bite marks of bedbugs are usually red welts, which are always itchy. With scabies, you will get red rashes. You will easily get scabies hiding in armpits, elbows and between the toes. You will get the bite marks of scabies after a few months. You will scratch yourself more from scabies bite as compared to the bites from bedbugs. You will be clueless when a bedbug attacks you because they inject their host with an anesthetic.

The only signs that you have scabies on your body is the presence of bite marks. There are a lot of physical signs to know that you have a bedbug problem. You will soon realize that you are harboring bedbugs if you find dark spots of blood on the sheets. If you have pale skin, you might be having a bedbug problem. The bedbugs also leave traces of their bodies.

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