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Tips for Travelling with Your Dog

Various studies indicate that approximately 37% of dog owners have missed a vacation because they did not want to leave their canine friends alone. Nonetheless, it is possible to carry your dog when going on a trip so you will not miss the fun. Perhaps you have been surprised by this suggestion, but keep reading these tips to find out how to take the pet with you.

Begin by making your pet dog for the travel. Begin by investing in a microchip that you should tie on the dog’s collar so that vets can identify the owner of the pet if it gets lost during the journey. You should also add your contact details on the dog’s collar to enable people who may find your dog lost to reach you quickly. Besides, take short distance travels with the dog so that it can get used to being carried in an automobile.

The second step will involve packing a travel kit for your dog. The travel kit should include essential items such as leash, food and treats, a bowl, seat belt, grooming equipment, plastic bags to pack the dog’s waste, and travel documents among other necessities. You should be informed that you will not require to stop at the closest pet store for extra supplies in case you pack your kit effectively.

Thirdly, it is inadvisable to let your dog stay in the car alone after you make a stop during the journey. You should not leave the pet in the car during a sunny day since the car may become too hot such the dog suffers a heat stroke. Conversely, your dog can suffocate from cold if you lock it in the car during a chilly day.

Fourth, if you are planning to travel by plane, buy a crate for the dog. Some airlines will allow you to keep your pet under your seat. Nonetheless, the crew will request that you provide documentation showing that the pet has received all the necessary vaccinations. Some people prefer to administer tranquilizers to dogs when travelling, so they do not suffer from stress. However, this strategy is not recommended since it may prevent comfortable breathing of your canine friend. When convenient, consider booking a direct flight so that you will not need to change the flights and stress your dog further.

Fifth, buy a dog crate to house your animal during the travel. Consider labeling the crate with a banner saying “live animal” so the handlers of the crate can be more careful with the dog lest it sustains an injury. Further, do not lock the crate when you are traveling since the staff may need to take out your animal in case of an emergency.