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Ideas for Overland Trips

Have you been hearing about overland trips and would like to try it someday? If yes, then let me give you couple of great destinations in the US that you must give a try. And to make everything more memorable, make sure that you have your used travel trailer as well.

Overlanding is actually among the most popular outdoor activities for those who seek adventure and thrill not just with your car but also with your used travel trailer. It is has great similarities to backpacking but a bit more tough as it is coupled with set of wheels to bring you cross country rather than buses, trains and the likes. There is a unique goal when it comes to overlanding and it is by making the best of actual journey itself and not only reaching the destination.

As mentioned, overlanding is the latest craze in doing cross country adventure and it is defined being self reliant travel to some of the remote locations of the country where you are supposed to enjoy the journey as much as your destination. Simply speaking, you’re traveling on longer distances on rough terrain in an off-road and rugged vehicle that’s made for this purpose. Not to mention, with your used travel trailer to have everything that you need to get through the trip.

I’m pretty sure that you are excited to know more about this journey and the destinations that you will be through with your vehicle, so let us start.

Number 1. Mojave Road – this route passes through California couldn’t be ironic for newbie in overlanding. Mojave Road is a 140-mile stretch and this requires 2 or 4 days to complete. Therefore, it is a nice overlanding trip and experience if you are running short of time. Also, if you want to take this route, make sure that your vehicle has 4wd capability as the trail crosses from east to west as well as several mountain ranges.

Number 2. Cape Lookout National Seashore – in the event that you are after a less deserty trip but still has fair amount of sand, then the North Carolina barrier island would be the perfect alternative. Some of the great routes to take in this region together with your used travel trailer is the 56-mile National Seashore located at Cape Lookout.

This one includes South and North Core Banks and if you don’t want to go through any hassle of ferrying your car, then you may stick to North Core Bank. However, since you’re there already, consider ferrying your vehicle and used travel trailer to South Core Bank as well for it is totally worth it.