Practical and Helpful Tips:

What You Should Do After Being Assaulted

There is a worrying trend of assaults in America and the figure is approximated to one out of three women who are likely to be victimized. Victims of sexual assault may not know what to do during such circumstances because they are going through a lot of trauma. In most cases, the victims hope that the trauma will go away and they don’t do anything about it. However, there is much you can do if you become a victim such as hiring a sexual assault lawyer. Here is a guide to the things you can do to recover from a sexual assault.

First, ensure that you are safe. Although it is expected that you may feel disconnected from reality and you will feel unsafe, it is advisable to reach out to people you love and trust. You can either go to stay with them or they can come to stay with you as long as you trust that they can protect and nurture your mental and physical well-being. Ensure that they are someone you are comfortable taking to. Feel free to talk to them about what you need.

You should also consider seeking medical attention. Although you may find it difficult answering questions, just try and go to the police and hospital. Since it is not something you can do alone, ensure that you go with someone. Don’t attempt to bath, shower or wash any part of your body so that you don’t wash away the evidence which was left behind. Ensure that you share with the professionals your worry about pregnancy and STDs so that they can find a way of keeping you safe and probably getting you a sexual assault lawyer.

Professional help is also essential during such moments. Rape victims have plenty of resources to help them during the recovery process. Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network is one of the greatest resources for rape survivors. Apart from helping you with group therapy, they can also connect you with a sexual assault lawyer. However, not everyone would be comfortable with a group setting.

Remember that you have legal rights which you should know. You can also decide to press charges through the help of a sexual assault lawyer. You need to find the best sexual assault lawyer among several of them who would be willing to represent you. Not every sexual assault lawyer you meet may provide a great legal representation. It is also worth noting that some victims are not comfortable with pressing charges considering that the attacker may be someone they know well. By considering the above-discussed points, you now know what to do in case of an assault.