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Advantages Of Water Cutting Technology

There are so many reasons why many people are using water jet cutting technologies across the world and among them are their versatility and convenience. The first water jet cutting technology was introduced in the late 19th century where it was the best way of easing hydraulic mining activities. Water jet cutting technology is used to cut abrasive materials using high speed water.

There are only two processes used in cutting materials in the water cutting technology and these are pure water cutting process and abrasive water cutting process. Pure water cutting technology is however used for soft materials and the most preferred materials in this process include plastic, foam rubber or even paper. Another point to note about the pure water cutting technology is that it relies solely on water and not any other thing. For the abrasive water cutting processes, only granular abrasive materials like metal and ceramics are cut and eroded. One good thing with the water cutting technology is that the benefits do not depend on the kind of the water cutting technology you are using. Some of these benefits that come with the water cutting technology are discussed below.

The first reason why water cutting technologies are the best is because they can cut any type of a material be it hard or soft. The water cutting technologies can cut any type of composite such as carbon fibre reinforced plastics, stones, ceramics among others.

Water cutting technologies have wide variety of industrial applications. The water cutting technologies do not at any time affect the strength or integrity of the material being cut something that has made them the best for aerospace and food industries.

Water cutting technology is also used to cut titanium accurately without causing surface embrittlement. Going green is one of the main objectives of many manufacturing industries and for such industries, the best cutting technology that will save the environment from unnecessary pollutions is the water cutting technology. Water cutting technology uses cold cutting method and in this case, the operator is not at risk of getting burned.

It takes very short time to cut any type of a material despite of its texture and this is because of the high speed water used in the cutting process. Unlike other cutting technologies which result to a lot of wastage, water cutting technology recycles most of its water and throughout the process and thus saving a lot of water from wastage. There are no thermal distortions on the material being cut and thus resulting to very smooth and burr free cuts. Lastly, water cutting technologies are easy to use unlike laser technologies and others.