Looking On The Bright Side of

Drugs That Are New To You

You need to know that there are actually about 11,926 drugs all over the world. The creation of new drugs are made possible by science and technology. But some experts believe that the rate will be higher in more years to come.

You need to know that the industry of drugs is earning a lot of money. Some experts believe that the revenue on prescription drugs alone will reach 844 billion dollars in the year 2019. So you need to introduce your drugs to the market also so that you will get high returns.

It is important for you to know those profit incentives are responsible for the production of interesting drugs. That is why there are so many different street drugs out there today.

You should read this article so that you will know some of the weird drugs that exist in the market.

Scopolamine – this is the best drug usually for easy crimes. This powder formed drug is extracted from Scopolamine Datura. The magic of Scopolamine is to eliminate the free will of the user.

The drug has the potential to let the victim obey the commands of the criminal. The drug will control the action and mind of the victim leaving no trace of any memory behind.

The drug is normally used by people who want to control other people. That is why it is important for you to know about this drug so that you can avoid being a victim in the future.

Wet – this drug is one of the most dangerous in the world. The drug is known to compel the users to kill kids.

This type of drug is also known as phencyclidine or angel dust. The drug is known to be connected to a lot of violent crimes. It is also know that that drug can give the users superhuman strength. The drug can even give hallucinations and numbs pain.

I-Dosing – this drug is actually commonly used by people each day via their ears. The user will listen to different frequencies so that the drug can provide a state of terror or brain confusion. The mental state of the user will be altered by the drug with the use of sudden key changes, volume, and tones. The various parts of the mind will be stimulated by the variations.

Krokodil – this is another weird drug that is out in the streets today. The drug was first used as a painkiller in the year 1932. But the drug was later banned because it gives dangerous effects to the users. The drug can actually cause a drying of the skin that is similar to a crocodile.

Zolpidem – this drug is categorized as a hypnotic or sedative. The drug got an approval from the FDA in 1992. The drug focuses mainly on people that have sleep disorders. But overdosing of this drug will provide risks of cancer and is very dangerous.

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