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What Is The Significance of Using Online Marking Software?

Marking test papers and keying in results onto a spreadsheet can consume a lot of time. Besides, attempting to rotate test papers to different markers can be inefficient and cumbersome and also very risky. But, where the exams are done are online, the question types asked are auto-scorable meaning they are marked automatically immediately they are submitted, and scores awarded instantly and stored. But exams such as diagrams, video, audio, drawings or essays, online marking software make marking them easy to manage. Trending on-screen exam marking tools are helpful as they set roles for markers, create an automated flow of work for a number of markers or formulate a marker’s hierarchy, so whether the paper is long or not or whether the markers are several the process is still secure, efficient and quick.

There is a need for examining bodies to ensure they keep a high quality marking standard which is consistent as they will also lower the number of papers sent back to them to re-mark or review. Markers are supervised by examining bodies using e-marking or on-screen marking so that they ensure there is a tight control all the time during the whole marking process.

For instance, using set rules, it is possible to automatically send an amount of scripts to an external or second marker for the purposes of quality control or use auto-stop features in case there are markers who are within the intolerable phase. With a streamlined workflow, cases of human error in transcription or calculation of results for specific candidates is not possible. Additionally, there are methods of setting up rubrics or mark schemas so that markers can have score boundaries so that there is no risk of assigning incorrect mark value.

Where there are several markers, it is not easy to see to it that all markers are marking in the identical levels. However, with online assessment systems, it becomes easy to control the marking process. If you want to check out for any discrepancies you can select some few scripts and let markers to mark them.

When you cannot tell who is accessing the papers or who they have been sent to it makes paper marking or results entering have no observation on security. It is easy to make mistakes when results are being keyed in. But with on-screen exam marking there are features that ensure the markers reach some areas in the system and there is a total audit-trail of their actions.

The system has features that markers cannot access the names of the candidates, so there is the maintenance of their security and anonymity. Using advanced assessment systems, processing, securing and storing data is hugely emphasized, so the risk of losing data is mitigated. When the scripts are uploaded, they are sent to sent to markers electronically, and in case of a second marker this is done with the touch of a button and not the older method of returning them physically.

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