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The Advantages of Wildlife

Wildlife refers to all organisms that live in a particular place without the supervision by human beings, although some have nowadays been tamed. Some of the wildlife includes the lion, buffaloes, rhinos, cheetahs among others. It is such a disadvantage to pose any harm to wildlife since it is very beneficial in human beings lives. We should all come together in the protection of wild animals since they pose a great value to us.

Tourists are people who come from within or outside a given state to have a view of world animals among other things. It mostly happens that tourists will go to visit states that have certain wild animals since they cannot access their view in their states. That therefore means that wild animals offer beautiful scenery to convince human beings to have a view of them and this is why people will move from distant places just to see wildlife.

Wildlife brings income to the state. When tourists come to the state to have a view of wild animals, they are usually charged a fee that goes to the states. In most cases, states have come up with a way of earning revenue from wildlife by the building of game parks and reserves where they control various wild animals so that tourists who come to see them give some money in return.

Another importance of wildlife is that it is a source of food to some societies. In this case, people hunt and gather wild animals, in such of food a thing that should be highly condemned since it leads to the extinction of wild animals. Animals that are used as food in most societies includes the zebra, shark and the frogs.

Some communities use certain wild animals such as eagles and their feathers for religious details in the performance of rituals and also offer the animals as sacrifices in their religious performances.

Most societies have embraced wildlife such as tortoise and parrots, whereby they keep them as pets. Domesticated wild animals bring joy and pleasure in the homes of those who tame them.

In some communities, wild animals are said to have medicinal purposes. In most cases, the medicinal purposes embraced by a given community or individuals are just superstitious.

Lastly, wildlife is seen as a form of integrating societies as well as states. There would not be coordination of societies and states if there would not be programs aiming at taking care of wild animals. During the meeting of these wildlife congresses, there is always an agreement on sharing of duties to enhance the improvement of wildlife services such as fighting with hunters and gatherers and every state presented should work with each other to achieving the goal and thus teamwork is build.