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What Causes Infertility?

For a woman whose desire is to bear children, there is nothing quite as painful as when you’re unable to.details Such a heartbreaking and helpless the situation causes a lot of stress and even goes to the extent of depression. The trauma and stigma of infertility can be quite the burden to bear and this explains the increasing number of fertility clinics. This number also shows the increasing number of infertility patients seeking for help and calls for further investigation into the matter. Painful as it may be, every problem has a cause and explanation and this one is no exception. As the number of fertility consultations increase, extensive research has been done into the issue and possible explanations given for each unique scenario. Having this information can be enlightening and might even help to solve some of the issues that might be the root of the problem.

Hormonal irregularities are the number cause for infertility. When you experience late, irregular, skipped and even several menstrual periods in a month, the most probable explanation is hormonal imbalances. When such irregularities happen, they also affect the reproductive hormones hence the infertility problem. Another explanation for hormonal imbalances is infected secreting glands with abnormal functioning. Speaking of hormonal imbalances, another closely related cause for infertility is polycystic ovary syndrome. In this case, cysts are formed in the ovaries as a result of the hormonal imbalances therefore affecting their normal function. The outcome is irregular periods or their lack thereof for long periods of time. When your periods are irregular, the chances of becoming pregnant are quite low and with no periods, the chances drop to a zero.

Endometriosis is another cause of infertility where the uterus develops in other places. This condition may cause the uterus to form in places like the ovaries and the fallopian tube. This is not only dangerous and unconducive for a baby to develop but also painful for most women as it leads to the formation of a scar tissue. There is also the possibility of a blockage occurring in the fallopian tube hence reducing the possibility of pregnancy to nothing. Thankfully, this condition can be treated by doing a surgery or taking medication. Just like with endometriosis, irritation of the fallopian tube can also be caused by sexually-transmitted diseases and may also cause blockage. This is why testing for such infections is important before any attempts to get pregnant and this way any possible risks are averted. Obesity and being overweight are the other causes of infertility. Technically you may be able to conceive but carrying the baby to term may be a problem because the chances of miscarriages in overweight individuals are higher. This is also the same thing that happens with age.